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At Potterswalls we are all about making history......

May 2017 saw a momental few days -
P Action Daisybelle EX95-4E made history when she was Jersey Breed Champion at Balmoral before going on to be our fourth successive Interbreed Dairy Champion, then at Ayr Show 2017 Bluegrass Vindication Harp EX93 was also Jersey Champion and then Interbreed Champion.
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action daisybelle

harp at ayr

In conjunction with out partners J Henning & K Agnew we scooped a record third successive win at UK Dairy Expo with our cow Bluegrass Vindication Harp

Bluegrass Vindication Harp

Bluegrass Vindication Harp EX93

She's a 5th generation VG or EX
2nd lact 8686kg at 4.92% fat and 3.7% protein

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potterswalls brochure cover


P Cavalier Glamour
Potterswalls Cavalia Glamour VG88- 2yrs
By Lencrest Cavalia
Sept 2016 daughter by Excitation
Daughter or Potterswalls Prides Glamour 3 EX95-3E
Gdam is the illustrious Potterswalls Paramount Glamour EX96-7E
How special - with her five immediate dams EX
P Kaiser Lady
Potterswalls Kaiser Lady now VG88-2yrs
By Saxown Kaiser Chief
7th generation VG or EX
One to watch in 2017
P Action Daisybelle
Potterswalls Action Daisybelle EX95-4E
4th lact 8653kg at 5.08% 3.62%
Two daughters by Excitation
With an EX97 mammary !

P Habit Belle
Potterswalls Habit Belle EX92
2nd lact 6455kg at 5.81% 4.07%
8th generation straight EX
VG88 daughter by Kasier Chief
2015 Verbatim daughter
Last calf was Sept 2016 Excitation, her 3rd

P Action Tracey
Potterswalls Action Tracy EX93-3E
4th lact 6343kg at 5.03% 3.73%
6th gen VG or EX, 5 of them EX
Grand daughter of Sowden Samson Tracy 2 EX96-8E
VG87 daughter by Tequila

P Pride Dawn
Potterswalls Pride Dawn VG88 - 2yrs
2nd lact 4222kg at 5.88% 4.17% in 279 days
8th gen VG or EX
Daughters by Lord Rum and 2016 daughter by Beautiful

P Swat Marbella
Potterswalls BS Marbel VG86
2nd lact 6014kg at 5.77% 3.74%
5th gen VG or EX
Daughter of Clandeboye Remake Myrtle EX92-3E




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