The first Jersey cow, Coleraine Royal Verity was purchased in 1970 and with her first heifer calf born in 1972, the Potterswalls prefix was established. This family along with a heifer calf, Ormeau X-Ray purchased at the Ormeau dispersal in 1974, contribute two of the main families in the herd today.

Pioneering the first importation of breeding females into Northern Ireland saw the arrival from Jersey of the Starlight and Daisybelle families. Also, from the UK, Woodhall Musically started the Music family.

Another first, was the importation of Canadian Jerseys to Northern Ireland. Mooncrest Imperial Lady, Huronia Rene Magic and Brenwood Top Prize Glamour. New cow families have been, and will continue to be added when the opportunity arises.

Confirmation has always been a priority in sire selection. We were very fortunate to have bred Potterswalls Lord Juno EX93 who was the number one type sire in the UK for two years. His influence in the herd has been significant. We are proud to have a vast number of EX and VG cows within the herd.

With improved management and a conscious eye on production the herd aims to average 50T per cow lifetime.

The present young stock are some of the most promising we have ever had, and along with the help of improved progeny testing and the availability of elite young sires it is hoped to take the herd to higher levels in the future.

Over the years we have made many friends and met many new people all because of the Jersey cow, for this we are grateful.

Enjoy your visit !

Woodhall Musically
Mooncrest Imperial Lady
Huronia Rene Magic





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