My parents travelled to Jersey on holiday after Antrim Show on the same flight as the Judge, Mr John Le Feuvre. They subsequently visited Les Augerez and came back with photos of a heifer called Starlight August Dove. She was something else.

A few years later after a summer’s work at Les Augerez, I had fallen in love with a dark heifer called Starlight Royal Dove a Dreamer’s Margareth Royal daughter of August Dove. I pleaded with John to sell this young Starlight and she later left Jersey for Northern Ireland. August Dove had one other daughter which John kept for ten calves and never got a heifer hence the family died out in Jersey. 

Starlight Royal Dove was a small extremely dairy cow with a high, wide rear udder and a fantastic will to milk. She had two daughters for us, Potterswalls Starlight Royal which never had a heifer and Potterswalls Starlight Dove. The family stems from this cow and her three daughters all of which have become Star Brood cows. 

I can honestly say that the Starlight’s are the most genuine cows we have worked with. They cross well with any bull, they breed and milk well. They are healthy and fertile and have left us some fancy ones and are a real pleasure to have. 
You never could have too many Starlight’s in the herd.

potterswalls jewel starlight

Potterswalls Jewel Starlight EX91-2E

potterswalls just starlight

Potterswalls Just Starlight EX91-2E

potterswalls starlight angel

Potterswalls Starlight Angel EX91-2E

potterswalls royal starlight

Potterswalls Royal Starlight EX90-2E

potterswalls starlight eclipse

Potterswalls Starlight Eclipse EX92-2E

potterswalls starlight clarissa

Potterswalls Starlight Clarissa EX95-4E

Potterswalls Starlight Dove

Potterswalls Starlight Dove EX93-6E






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