When I purchased from Canada Brenwood Top Prize Glamour as a calf and with a GP dam, little did I know I was bringing to Potterswalls an animal which would have a significant impact on the herd.

Glamour had four natural daughters and one ET daughter.  All five scored VG88 points as two year olds. A unique record, as all five then went Excellent as did their Dam and Grand Dam to make five generations of Excellent cows. Top Prize Glamour is a 13* Brood Cow status and her daughters and grand daughters continue to impress. 

The Glamour’s came to the fore when they came to milk and continue to improve to make great cows. Paramount Glamour is a fine example ie VG 88 as a two year old maximum score as a second, third and fourth calver and now a EX96-7E cow.  To add to this she has seven records of 7000+Kgs with good fat and protein and has a Comerica son, Potterswalls Glams Comerica with Genus Breeding.

The family is fast becoming a sought after commodity.

potterswalls prides glamour

Potterswalls Prides Glamour

Potterswalls Prides Glamour 3

Potterswalls Prides Glamour 3 EX95-3E

potterswalls barristers glamour

Potterswalls Barristers Glamour EX91-2E

potterswalls paramount glamour

Potterswalls Paramount Glamour EX96-7E

Potterswalls Jazzman Glamour

Potterswalls Jazzman Glamour EX91-2E

potterswalls junos glamour 2

Potterswalls Juno Glamour 2

potterswalls just wait glamour

Potterswalls Just Glamour 2

Brenwood Top Prize Glamour

Brenwood Top Prize Glamour EX90




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