Another Canadian family which I have long admired is that descending from the Hollylane Renaissance daughter the EX91-3E Jaspar Renaissance's Evening. She was so ably developed by the Sayles family at Bridon Farms leaving a massive 41 progeny of which 12 went on to be EX animals and a further 10 were VG, including well respected and reknown sires such as Bridon Jamaica and Bridon Remake Comerica.
These progeny were all maternal brothers and sisters to Bridon Whistler Eloquent EX90 who was owned by Rapid Bay Jerseys and from her we had three ET offspring, including two full sisters bringing the Evening family to Potterswalls and the UK.
So far we have bred 11 family members here on the farm, with the four scored daughters all being VG and EX, a family waiting in the wings but destined for greatness.

P Ressurection Evening 2
Potterswalls Ressurrection Evening 2
 Potterswalls Regan Evening
Potterswalls Reagan Evening VG88



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