This is another family which was imported from Jersey. It is a very old family which goes back to a silver, white cow, which came from the Lynn’s Herd called Lynn’s Daisybelle.

We purchased an in-calf heifer called March Daisybelle. She had a daughter by the bull calf that came in the belly of Starlight Royal Dove. This produced Potterswalls Melodybelle. Melodybelle was bred to the first of the imported semen and had two daughters by Meadowlawn J Imperial - Potterswalls Serenabelle and Potterswalls Yolandabelle. One by Lilac Grove Rings Pal – Potterswalls Violabelle.  Yolandabelle never had any daughters so the family stemmed from Serenabelle and Violabelle. Both cows have bred really well and many top class individuals have come from this family. 

Unfortunately, Melodybelle was not classified until she was an old cow and past her best, hence she scored GP. This is the only break in what is now a long line of VG and Excellent cows. Many individuals from this family have gone on to do well for their new owners. Potterswalls Junos Daisybelle sold in the Black and White Sale to the Holmland Herd and scored EX94-4E to make up four generations of Potterswalls Daisybelle’s scored EX93 and above, while she also bred an EX93-2E Comerica who makes 5 gens EX93 and above.

Potterswalls Remake Daisybelle

Potterswalls Remake Daisy Belle EX94-5E

Potterswalls alanabelle

Potterswalls Alanabelle EX93-5E

Potterswalls Xannabelle

Potterswalls Xannabelle VG85

potterswalls yolandabelle

Potterswalls Yolanabelle EX93-3E

Potterswalls Viola Belle

Potterswalls Viola Belle EX90-3E

Potterswalls melody belle

Potterswalls Melodybelle GP82

potterswalls serenabelle

Potterswalls Serena Belle EX93(2)




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